w e d d i n g s p o r t r a i t s e v e n t s

Catherine Murray


I'm a mommy to two awesome little boys. I’ve been married to my husband for 7 years but have known each other since we were teens. I can write about myself and not mention my love for …… coffee. The stronger the better. When I’m not spending time with friends and family I’m taking photographs of amazing people. My love for photography started when I was just in elementary school. Whenever I had some money, I would run to Walgreens with coupon in hand. I purchased many Kodak wind ups. I could not wait for them to get developed. When I got older and could save a little more, I purchased my first digital camera. It was this metallic blue. I felt so cool. I stopped taking pictures for a while.. life got in the way. But I found that love again and it feels so good.