w e d d i n g s p o r t r a i t s e v e n t s

Who we are

We are photographers who met 8 years ago when Martine needed a second shooter for a wedding and Vania stepped in to help. Somehow, she might have gotten more than she bargained for. We’ve since become the best of friends, although you may hear us bicker like an old married couple from time to time. We have a classic natural style. We like to tell stories through our images and convey emotion and connection. We are always doing crazy things to find the light, or THE shot, so bear with us, trust us completely. It’s totally worth it.

Our Photography Team

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Owner/Lead Photographer/Social Media Director

Vania Stoyanova

Owner/Lead Photographer/Photo Editor

Martine Beher


Jen Cantalupo


Catherine Murray