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What to do if rescheduling your wedding due to Coronavirus means losing vendors

Here at Love & Story we believe that picking the right wedding photographer is deeply personal and one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning a wedding. We think of our brides as part of our family, they become our friends and we love photographing their family milestones for years to come. However, right now, we are all struggling through some difficult decisions after Coronavirus (covid-19) has caused many to postpone, cancel and reschedule their wedding dates. It saddens us to know that there’s anyone who might lose their wedding photographer during this time, because we love our brides and can’t imagine losing any of them for any reason. If you are in the difficult place of having to replace a vendor, or especially your wedding photographer, we want to be here to help you.

Here’s a few ways we can help you have the best wedding photographer for your wedding day no matter when you need to reschedule it for.

We have a team. Martine and Vania can help take on double the amount of dates because it’s two of us. But we also have an incredible team of additional associate shooters that are trained to shoot in our style that can pick up wedding dates where needed. We want to make sure every bride is taken care of.
We know people. Our Atlanta wedding community is large and talented, full of vendors willing to step up and help! That is no exception for the wedding photographers we know. In years past we’ve created a network of wedding photographers that have worked with us and we’d be able to fill in your date with one of our trusted photographer friends.
You’ll always get our style and our service. We will edit in our style and make sure that the images are on par to what you have come to love from our classic, bold and warm style. Take advantage of our customer service as we help you with scheduling, planning, and activities leading to the day of the wedding.
No matter what, we’re here to help any way we can as you navigate the reschedule of your wedding day in Atlanta or Georgia. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions on how we can be of service to make this the wedding you’ve spent so long dreaming about and planning.