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NOT EVERYTHING THAT IS FACED CAN BE CHANGED, BUT NOTHING BE CHANGED UNTIL IT IS FACED. - JAMES BALDWIN We posted this on instagram last week, so in case you missed it.We know things are tough right now and we know some of you might look and say “oh but you’re just photographers and weddings are happy and so

When scheduling an engagement session, THE most common question that couples have for us is "Where should we do our engagement photos? Do you have any location suggestions?" Of course, the answer is "Definitely." But in order to know what will be the most ideal and perfect location for you we like to ask YOU some questions

Our couples are obviously the most important part of our wedding days, but we do have a few (maybe more than few) venues on our wishlist to shoot at. Its always changing and updating. So if you are getting married at any of these venues, hit us up and let's chat! 1. Swan House, Atlanta History Center 2. Tate